Kevin is a skinny accountant and otherwise totally normal human being.

He wakes up one day and decides: “Today, I will do nothing but eat sushi.” He skives off work and drives to the nearest sushi restaurant to gorge himself. But he’s not going to pay for his sushi, oh no! He’s going to eat everyone else’s sushi! Stick it to the man! Kevin’s tired of being told what to do anyway! 

So many questions to answer! Why doesn’t this sushi restaurant have any security? Why do they keep sending more sushi down the conveyor belts despite Kevin’s never-ending gluttony? Maybe speeding up the conveyor belts will help? Only time will tell!

It's up to you to decide whether Kevin can become what he truly desires - the one and only Sushi Bushi


Well done to our amazing team, what a pleasure it's been to work with you all :)

Duncan Gallagher and Adrianna Kamińska

Lyla Taguma

Andrew Ramsey and David Galego

Rossano Cariello

We'd originally tried to stick to the 10-second theme with sushi being dispensed every 10 seconds, but decided it was more fun if we made it faster ;P

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