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In the fourteenth entry of the enduringly popular Mega Turtle franchise, our hero finds himself trapped in an underwater temple by his arch nemesis The Terrible Tortoise. Mega Turtle must solve a dastardly puzzle in order to escape and save innocent turtle civilians along the way.

What will become of Mega Turtle? 

Will you become the legend you were destined to become?

And remember...

Mega Turtle has but one rule:

"No Turtle will be left behind."

Quotations of Mega Turtle: Book V


You can expect:

  • Turtles
  • Following things
  • Puzzles
  • Mega Turtle Merch

Move with WASD, change the camera view with the mouse, interact with pressure plates by pressing E, and reach the glowing portal in order complete the game.

Programming: Duncan Gallagher
Level Design and Programming: Mohey alDeen
Graphic Design and Animation: MackyWacky3D
Sound Design and Audio Implementation: AudioWall -Dillan Hoyos
Music Production: SleepyUFO 


MTXIV The Reckoning Polished Windows.zip 59 MB
MTXIV The Reckoning Polished Mac.app.zip 61 MB
Mega Turtle XIV The Reckoning.rar 53 MB
Mega Turtle XIV The Reckoning Mac.zip 71 MB

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